College Schedule Magnet, College Calendar Magnet


Trying to get your business name to the TOP of your prospect's mind?  College sports schedule magnets are one of the best ways!  They are cost-effective advertising tools, and something a wide variety of people in an office or home will refer to frequently when planning their personal schedule.


And the benefit to you and your business is that when your customers/prospects refer to the schedule magnet, your logo and contact info is there where they see it every single time.  This process builds your brand-up high in their mind!


Since 2009, we have provided sports schedule magnets for of clients who know that advertising on sports schedule magnets gives them more bang for the buck in terms of relevant and timely advertising.


The two most popular college sports magnets are football schedule magnets and basketball schedule magnets, but we have the skill and know-how to design any sports schedule magnet, or even just any type of schedule you need printed on a magnet you want to use to promote your business.  Custom magnet shapes and sizes are available too.


No screen set-up costs, and we focus on fast turnarounds to meet your delivery needs!


We also have the ability to drop-ship to several locations, or even direct-mail your magnets to your target audience.  Ask us!

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